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hydrosana detox spa

  • hydrosana detox spa
  • hydrosana detox spa
  • hydrosana detox spa
  • hydrosana detox spa
  • hydrosana detox spa
Model No.︰BK601
Brand Name︰OEM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


Hydrosana detox foot spa, Hydrosana detox spa, detox machine, ion cleanse foot spa 
Product Name:
Ion Detox Foot Spa
other used name:
detox doot bath, hydrosana detox spa, hidro spa relax, detox machine,detox foot spa, ion cleanse, ion foot spa, hidrosana spa
Rated Voltage/Hz:
AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
20 W
Array Power
Infrared Belt Power
LED display
Box Dimensions(cm)
4.5 kg
Color Available
1 Ion Detox Foot Spa(with basin)
1 Array, 316 Stainless Steel material
1 Wrist Strap
1 Power Cord, CE compatiable
Color box
Quantity for container:
400pcs/20GP, 800pcs/40GP, 950pcs/40HC

 detox foot spa, ionic detox foot spa bath

New functions incude bamboo carbon heating waist belt, infrared ray, magnetic therapy. 

Spare Parts:
  • Main body with Footbath which is made of plastic
  • array (each lasts at least for 80 times)
  • One Professional User Manual in English or any language
  • Power adapter(INPUT: AC100-240V  OUTPUT: 12V 3.3A), the voltage can be used all over the world. 
  • One power cord
  • wrist straps
  • One Plastic Liner 

    Main features:
  • Purely water reaction without any side effect, safe and effective;
  • Improve metabolism, reinforce immunity, remove inferior health;
  • Deeply protection inner and outer, detoxify kinds of toxins and virus effectively;
  • Reduce blood sugar, balance blood fat and pressure, alleviate gout, rheumatism and injuries;
  • Moderate the Incretion system, balance the PH and keep your body systems in working order

Color box and carton
380pcs/20GP, 780pcs/40GP, 950pcs/40HC

Size (CM): 53 (W) x 45 (L) x 31 (H)
N.W.: 4.5 Kg  G.W: 5.5Kg
Approval: CE (LVD, EMC), RoHS, UL
Voltage:  Input AC100-240V , output 12V 3.3A
Watts: 36W  

                           What is Detox Foot Spa


The life span and health of a man are determined by the amount of electron that they carry in the body. A healthy person is supposed to contain 80% of negative electron (i.e. Anion) and 20% of positive electron (i.e. Cation) in the body, which is more commonly known as Yin Yang ( + I v e & - I v e ) balancing.
We are living in a world with overloaded harmful substance in the air, contaminated water from the sea, lakes and rivers, great descent in forests, soil erosion, farming reduction, ozone layer depletion, global warming, electromagnetism radiation, rapid growth of cities and roads etc, these factors threaten our health by affecting the existing magnetic field in our body, which is a crucial element in a human body.
When the electrons on the outer layer of our body encounter physicals reaction in the atmosphere, it pops out from the nuclear, and become a positive charged ion after losing the gas molecule in the electron itself. It happens in the same way when our body is exposed to environmental pollution, pressure, imbalance way of living and fatigue; our body tends to get tired because we are losing large amount of Anions and keeps large amount of Cation in the body. The accumulation of excessive Cation will become toxins in our body.

Balancing the Blood PH, Enhancing Natural Healing Power 

Some chemical facts about the anion; there are cations and anions found in the air. Among these, only anions are good to human health. In our surrounding environment, the waste gas expelled from vehicles and factories, air pollution caused by using of electrical appliances, generation of electromagnetic wave, are harmful to human health. In the contrary, fresh air from forests, seaside, mountains and waterfall contains plenty of anions. Anion is good to our health because they help in promoting human’s natural healing power. And at the same time improve the quality of blood, enhancing blood circulation. Natural healing power is inborn. It is capable of maintaining our health.

We will take medicine when suffering from common cold, but in fact it is the natural healing power that cures it. Medicine only speeds up the recovery.
Human’s natural healing power is decreasing in today’s modern lifestyle, thus, we will easily fall sick than ever before. Most of the people resort to modern medicines to relief from sickness, and this will gradually cause the human’s natural healing power to decline.
Anionscan make blood flow smoothly, help acidic blood resume to normal alkalinity range (pH value 7.3--7.4). Metabolism will become more vigorous after the blood has been purified, activating the cells, expelling body waste vigorously and smoother metabolism process of internal organs, stabilizing the blood pressure as well.

ION CLEASING DETOX FOOT SPA can enhance the natural healing power and immune system, normalize the functions of natural healing power (elimination of external particles), nervous system (rectifying the nerve) and endocrine system (regulate and normalize hormones). Reactivating the entire body, helps eliminates illness, restoring smooth and youthful skin. Beside strengthening the body, enhancing health and longevity, ION CLEASING DETOX FOOT SPA is capable of preventing scores of diseases.


Definition of ION

Ions are atoms carrying electric charge. There are two types of ions, those carrying positive charges are called cations, whereas those carrying negative charges are called Anions. The size of an ion is about 1 micron, or equivalent to 1/1000 millimetre.
The hydrogen (H) atomic nucleus process 1 positive charge proton, and is surrounded by 1 negative electron. The proton must be positive charged in order to attract the electron from hydrogen atom, in other words, it is in the state of ionization of hydrogen (H +)
Meanwhile, there are 8 positive protons in the oxygen atomic nucleus, and is surrounded by 6 electrons. Due to lacking of 2 electrons, it tends to absorb other electrons. That means, oxygen atoms can easily capture electrons from other places. This process is called oxidization (O)+ hydrogen (H) + electron (-) = OH. In fact, oxy hydrogen ions cannot exist in the form of monomer, instead they must exist in the form of anions in the water. (H2O + OH = H2O2) when there is an excessive electron for an anion, it will tend to give it to other electrons. (This process is called “restoration”)
1.     Electrolysis pool will generate anions (positive reaction) 2 H2O – O2 + 4H + + 4e – 1.
2.     The skin absorbs anions (negative reaction) 4 H2O + 4e- - 4 H2 + 4 OH-2.
The above mentioned ions keep on interact and circulate, and later on expelled by the body.  

The function of Anion and Cation on Human
The function of anion
The function of cation
Expansion contraction
Blood pressure
Going up
Blood (pH value)
Blood flow
Thin and smooth
Immunity power, natural healing power
Elimination of tiredness
Delay the time of elimination of tiredness

What are body toxins? Body toxins in fact are the excessive cations in the body.
When there are excessive of cations the human body will become over acidic, thus causing many sickness.

Indications of Excessive Cations in Human Body

External reactions toward excessive cations in body:
Pimples, patches, obesity, rough skin, loose skin and lack of elasticity
Internal reactions toward excessive cations in the body:
Fatigues, indigestion, poor appetite, headaches and dizziness, nervous, poor response, weak resistibility, cold, constipation, intestines and stomach malaise, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, muscle aches and irascible


When a nuclear achieves a saturated status, it sets up a magnetic field under the process of electrolysis, and either it losses or gains electron, the magnetic field helps to generate neutral particle (i.e. Anion). Through OSMOSIS PROCESS around the body, the movement of particles runs through a membrane from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. ION CLEASING DETOX FOOT SPA can generate a higher concentration (i.e. large amount of Anion) in the water through the electrodes.
With putting together the electrodes, hands, feet or body in the water, the control panel on the display board transmits the electricity to the electrodes, to stimulate chemical reaction amongst alloy, water and salt, and thus produce lots of ions until the body is regulated to the equilibrium of 80% Anion and 20% Cation, or we call it as Yin Yang Balancing.
Our body’s health is then getting adjustment and improvement. Our body will feel lighter after the treatment. It also helps keep us away from edema, arthritis, rheumatism and illnesses after ion cleansing session.


works on the theory of electrolysis by conducting a process called “ionization”, the process breaks the water molecules into thousand of ions. With these ions, the chemical reaction between Anion and Cation react vigorously with each other. Through the osmosis, it will strengthen the cells activation in the body. Besides, it facilitates the rate of metabolism and activates various kinds of enzymes, therefore, making the excretory organ speeding the function of waste removal, particularly in the liver. The built-in microcomputer system will generate negative potential field in the water. The various human fluids contain electrolyte, human fluids are actually electrolyte solution. Human tissues are conductors of electrolyte they are capable of conducting current. When the legs get into contact with the water, they will experience same potential with the water.

When field is formed by the rise of negative potential in the water, same thing will happen to the human body. This will cause the sodium and potassium ions outside the cell membrane to rearrange. And this will effectively stimulate both the sodium and potassium pumps on the membrane, and enhancing the ion potential storage formed by them. This enhance cells restoring and maintain to normal negative potential, and at the same time enhance the ability of cell membrane convert to anions.


In today modern life style, human beings are exposed to various type of toxic. Constant detoxification is a must in order to maintain healthy and decease free. ION CLEASING DETOX FOOT SPA provides a convenient, through and efficient way to maintain high level of energy and long term wellness.
Toxin accumulation in our body would cause chronics disease, and sickness. It has bean reported that after using ION CLEASING DETOX FOOT SPA for a few times sickness like inflammation, water retention, arthritis and edema had been improved.
Who should not use DETOX FOOT SPA

Detox Foot Spa should not be used by:
Pregnant or breast feeding women
People with pacemakers or other electrical implants
Recipients of organ transplants or steel plates or joints
People with epilepsy
People undergoing any form of radiotherapy or chemotherapy or with blood cancer
People with Type 1 Diabetes
People with open wounds on their feet
Children under the age of 5
If you are unsure, please check with your GP.

How often should I use my Detox Foot Spa?

You can use your Detox Foot Spa for 30 minutes every 2 days until you have had 14 sessions (for people over 50, every 3rd day is recommended). It is then recommended to have a 2 - 3 week break before recommencing. After frequent use, you may choose to use your Detox Foot Spa once a week.

Why does the water change colour? 
It is important to understand that the water will change its colour even without feet in the water. The colour change is a reaction between the water, salt and metal. When the water is energised it ejects tiny particles, which become visually observable in the water and tend to make it look dirty and brown.  Colour changes can be dramatic but it is not the most important factor and you must be careful about making any judgements based on colour. Most of what you see in the water is related to the water being used, not toxins being drawn from the body

 How do I care for my Detox Foot Spa?

Use our Detox Foot Spa Liners to eliminate the need for cleaning! Otherwise... Rinse out your Detox Foot Spa after use in warm water, taking care not to submerge the whole spa and electronic components. We find Chux 'Magic Erasers' (available in supermarkets) an effective way to remove the stain left around the spa. Do not use chemical cleaners. Rinse the array thoroughly in water after each use, taking care to keep the cable end dry. For best results, it is recommended that the array soaks in an ascorbic solution  every 5 -10 sessions to sanitize and remove any excess corrosion. The array will need to be replaced after frequent use (this will depend on the water quality,  if salt has been added to the water during use and the levels of previous detoxification.)
Payment Terms︰TT
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